Clean: 7 Steps to Freedom Kit

This complete program set includes:

  • “Clean” Tote Bag
  • 96-page, full-color Clean Workbook
  • Clean Pocket Book
  • Prayer Journal
  • Happiness Digest (Steps to Christ)
  • A pencil and note cards

Get on the right track today and believe that you can be clean!


Clean Workbook

The Clean Workbook is a life-changing resource for whatever addiction is eating away at your life and happiness.

It was developed by a sympathetic soul who knows exactly how it feels and what it means to be trapped by alcohol and drug addiction. Even better, he knows how it feels and what it means to be totally free—after 23 years of bondage to mind-altering substances and destructive behaviors. He is clean!


Clean Pocketbook

Help get the struggling addict back on track with this inspiring book that shows how you can get on the ladder to spiritual and physical healing and restoration to become clean again.

  • Practical, biblical advice for getting free from any type of addiction
  • Offers victory and hope where many only see failure and loss!
  • Learn to reestablish relationships and heal old wounds

Our Products

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Steps to Christ: Recovery Edition

Steps to Christ, recovery edition, is a modern version of the classic book about the way God heals us and restores us to wholeness. The powerful lessons come alive in all-new recovery language: God is Crazy About You, Help! I Need Jesus, Sorry Enough to Quit, Laughing Out Loud With God, and more. Discover how Jesus works in your life at each step of your journey to a life worth celebrating! Use this book for an ongoing recovery group!


My Life With God: Prayer Journal

For too many years, we have been stuck in our addictions and tied up with sin. But God desires to set us free and keep us free from anything and everything that binds us and holds us captive. That’s why our hope is that you will use this journal as a way of talking to God and expressing your desire to be free. He wants nothing more than to set you right and keep you right so that you will know true peace, joy, happiness, and love.


Questions I’d Like to Ask God

Got tough questions for God? Well all do! And we’ll help you find real answers in the Bible! Speaker Rich Kollenberg will pique your curiosity and expand you knowledge during these fast-paced presentations designed to answer the biggest questions we all want to ask God! Answers questions such as: Does God Owe Us an Explanation? What is Freedom? Why is this World in Such a Mess? and more! (10 Programs on 5 DVDs)