Just As I Am Ministries is a self-supporting entity dedicated to reaching people who are lost in the devastation of addiction.
We sincerely believe that there is a way out! This is why we have created a 7-part program to help people turn their lives around entitled “Clean: 7 Steps to Freedom.”

Our 7 Steps are as follow:

AA- Acknowledge and Admit
BB- Begin to Believe
CC- Complete Control
DD- Different Direction
EE- Erase Errors
FF- Forever Forgiven
GG- God’s Grace

Our ministry has created a workbook to help addicts go through our 7-part program step by step. Please visit our store if you are interested and is looking for more information.

We are also an independent ministry supported by donors. If you want to make a difference in the lives of people who are struggling with addictions, we hope that you will give willingly.


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